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Bridging to Change is a Relate GMS Project

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Time to stop

domestic violence and abuse

If you're ashamed of what you are doing ...

If you know there's no excuse ...

If you are ready to stop hurting the person or people you love ...

We are ready to help

We are Bridging to Change – a Manchester-based service for perpetrators of domestic violence and their partners or ex-partners. We’ve been running our programmes since 2008. Our goal is to promote the safety of women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse. We do this by offering a change programme for men who recognise that they need help to stop behaving in destructive ways.

At the same time, our integrated support service offers support for partners and ex-partners of men whilst the men are on the programme, and for some time afterwards. We also provide support and training for other professionals working in the field. The programme is provided by Relate Greater Manchester South.

In 2008-9 there were an estimated 293,000 incidents of domestic violence. One of the most common requests from the victims we meet is for someone to work with their partner, to help him change and to keep them safe from his violence.

What is domestic abuse?
Worried about your behaviour?
If you want to talk to someone right now about your behaviour you can always call the Respect helpline on 0808 8024040. It is free from most landlines and mobile phones. An advisor will be there to listen and help. More details are on the Respect website.
The Bridging to Change Programme was one of eleven programmes which formed part of the Mirabal Research Project. This is the biggest domestic abuse-related research project in the UK to date, and it spanned 3 years. The research looked at the effectiveness of DVPPs and how they impact on the safety of victims. One of the important conclusions for us was the evidence it provided that the way we work, with an integrated support service for victims, is effective and safe for a majority of clients.

You can read more about the research by clicking on the links below.

Highlights from the Mirabal Research Findings
Executive Summary
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